Googlers united to protest Donald Trump’s immigration ban

Donald Trump’s ban on 7 Muslim countries is still effective, although it’s now being challenged. Different tech companies have already voiced out their opinion by saying the ban is “un-American”. Google employees at eight campuses have also a strong message to Donald Trump.

Thousands of Googler walked out of work in protest of Trump’s immigration ban, with some of them are tweeting with hashtag #googlersunite. They are together to fight for the Muslim ban. CEO Sundar Pichai also has some words to say,

I see many leads from Google here today. We spent two hours this morning talking about all of this. There’s a lot of work which remains to be done. I think it’s important we stay the course and achieve an outcome. I think to do that we all need to learn to reach out and communicate to people from across the country. And I think it’s really important with anything like that we take the extra step to reach out, to have a dialogue and that’s what leads to right outcomes too. But really I think today is about hearing from other voices. We’ve spoken up but I think it’s great to hear the stories so hopefully there will be more and the fight will continue.

via TNW

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