Chrome 56 aims to make the whole internet to be HTTPS

HTTPS is important. It makes sure you are browsing the website that you really want to see. It will also make sure the data transferred between you and the web server is secured. Google and many other big companies have been working hard to push that.

In the latest Google Chrome 56, they want to push it even further. You will see a bright “Secure” site like pictured above when you browse https secured website including It will show a light warning sign if that’s not secured.

Eventually, they want to make all the non-secured or broken https website to have the above warning sign. This is not a bad thing for users.

They have also improved the reload support. Reloads are now 28% faster and result in 60% less validation requests. Users will feel this change a lot during the slow connections.

Your Chrome will probably update by myself. In case it didn’t, just go to the About section and choose update.

via VentureBeat

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