Mark Zuckerberg claims the Hawaii story is misleading

There is a lot of reports saying Mark Zuckerberg sues dead people in Hawaii in order to get the land. (including this one at Gizmodo) However, Mark Zuckerberg claims the story is misleading.

The original story said Mark Zuckerberg sues a lot of people in Hawaii from December, including those are dead, aimed at forcing these families to sell their land at a public court auction to the highest bidder. In Hawaii, there are about a dozen small parcels owned by native families. They have the right to pass through the property. (known as “descendants”)

Mark needs to get all the rights of 700-acre Hawaiian compound, while some of the small part are owned by the descendants. He claims “many cases descendants who own 1/4% or 1% of a property don’t even know they are entitled to anything.”, and that’s why he started the “quiet title” action to make sure to pay them their fair share. He also said these people will now receive money for something they never even knew they had. No one will be forced off the land.

However, based on the statement from Mark Zuckerberg and previous reports, it’s still true quiet title action is a way to identify title owners and force land sales.

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