Brexit makes the App Store prices rise 25% in the UK

We know that the Apple products and many things in the UK is much more expensive, because the British pound is weak after Brexit announcement. Apple has announced they will also increate the App Store app prices within the next 7 days, according to the email that winandmac has received. 😧

Besides UK, Apple has also said the prices for apps and in-app purchases (excluding subscriptions) will increase in India and Turkey as well.

The Tier 2 pricing was £1.49 but will be £1.99. For instance, if the price was sold £0.79, the price will soon be increased to £0.99. The prices for other tiers will all be increased within 7 days. That’s around 25% price increase. 🤒

Following to today’s announcement by Theresa May, we can expect Hard Brexit and UK to leave single market. ☹️

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