Super Mario Odyssey trailer may make you want to buy Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has officially released the new gaming console Switch recently. It will be available for pre-order soon, and on sale from March 3, 2017. The suggested retail price is £279.99. 😎

It’s a very small console player which you can play it at home or on-the-go. There are different play mode supported. You can connect to your HDTV with HD quality output, or play with the screen of Nintendo Switch it self. 😚

There are several games lineup already. The launch day games include The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Skylanders Imaginators, Just Dance 2017, etc. Will any one of them attract your attentions? 😀

One of the most excited game Super Mario Odyssey will be coming in holiday 2017. The trailer looks pretty amazing already. Full clip is available below. ✌️

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