Censorship to the ultimate level: China will start blocking websites using DNS

We all know internet in China is heavily censored. People thought that international websites which are not sensitive would work fine in Chia. It was true, but soon it would not be anymore. ❌

The officials held the press conference on 10 Jan. They have mentioned the importance of Domain Name System (DNS).

DNS is an important part which turns domain names to the actual server address. Without it, you won’t be able to browse any website. For example, if you want to browse winandmac.com, DNS will help to change it to the actual internet address (like 234.567.890.123). You will then able to read the content through browsers. 💻

The Chinese government claims it’s essential to block unsafe and phishing websites, but we all know the real reason behind all these censorship. ⛔️

Under the new policy, all the accessible foreign websites need to register the domain name in China. Internet Services Provider in China would not provide access to the domain names that are not managed by local DNS servers. 😕

That means all foreign websites would need to co-operate with the local Chinese company to register .CN domain name. Moreover, it’s clearly stated foreign websites would need to host their Chinese website with servers in China. Otherwise, it won’t be accessible soon no matter you contain sensitive information or not. 😡

via Xinhau, winandmac Chinese, Cable News Hong Kong

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