Support Donald Trump’s behaviour to CNN? Prepare yourself to have China-like USA

Donald Trump has rejected to answer CNN journalist question yesterday, and calling their organisations as “fake news”. The horrible thing is not about Donald Trump. It’s about how other Americans react to Donald Trump’s behaviour.

A lot of Trump-supporters or Americans said CNN is the first to publish unverified report that is regarding how Trump is related to Russia. They said CNN is dis-respecting the president-elect at first, and CNN deserves to be treated like this.

As a new organisation from Hong Kong, this makes us feel that the USA is now turning herself like China. In China, the Prime Minister also don’t like the news organisations that are not following the government’s rule. Those organisations need to praise the government in order to get the chance to ask or even survive in China. It’s basically a propaganda.

We originally thought that those rejected news organisations are reporting “fake news” and “trying to make China look bad in the world”, therefore, “this is right for the government to block them”. However, after several years, we realise how bad it could be when the Prime Minister do not accept all kinds of opinions. The effect is now happening in Hong Kong as well after the handover in 1997. We are now losing our freedom of speech, the government do not listen to us and much more.

In the past, we thought the media who are opposing the government is not right and should be banned. Obviously, we know that we are wrong now.

As a president of the most powerful country in the world, this behaviour is not right. Today, Donald Trump is blocking CNN that some of Americans may agree it’s “fake news”. Tomorrow, Donald Trump can block all the media he doesn’t like. For instance, if you think FOX news is great and fine, and one day, Donald Trump thinks FOX news is “fake news” as well. What would you do? No Americans want their country’s politics to work like China, we suppose.

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