Pornhub saying they stream 99GB per second in 2016

Everyone watch porn from the internet. Pornhub has released the 2016 Year In Review which shows they have a spectacular performance. They said they have used 3110PB bandwidth in total. In other words, that’s 99GB bandwidth used for porn video per second in 2016.

The total visit is 23 billion which is a huge increase comparing to last year. That’s 64 million per day or 44000 per minute. The top country is United States followed by Iceland at the 2nd place.

Funny thing is, for the second year in a row “lesbian” was the number one search term worldwide. “Step mom” was second, which is up 1 spot from last year.

Another interesting insight is that most of the traffic are coming from Windows which accounts for 80%. Mac only accounts for 14%.

via Pornhub

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